What are the three all-time greatest summer songs? Ekwo Omakwu is the creator of Heritage City, we have been working on this project for almost 10yrs. Ekwo and I, were discussing the events on Christmas day he was very upset as was I, I called my mom and she said not to be upset. She also noted that she was seeing images of Abuja as well as Lagos that she had never seen before. She was very excited, I called Ekwo the next day and he was encouraged.<br/> <br/> The media tries to portray Africa as poor and that everyone has HIV & AIDS not the case, and since black history month is coming up. I would like to touch on the fact that all we ever see is speeches by Dr. King now, I am in no way trying to diminish his legacy. But there is more to our history than slavery we were once Kings and Queens. At Heritage City we will feature re-creations of Kingdoms and Empires we are going to show the history that has been kept from us.<br/> <br/> Everyone is so amazed that we have our first black President. I was to, now that I really think<br/> <br/> about it I am not surprised. The reason I am not surprised is because we have the blood of Kings and Queens running through our veins yes, I said it the President who is half Kenyan is exactly where he should be that after all it is our rightful place.<br/> <br/> Heritage City is going to show the Africa they don&#39;t want to show. It is important for our kids to know and for us to remember where we come from. In the words of Jay-Z &quot;they should be afraid of what I&#39;m gonna do next&quot; the best is yet to come for African Americans with the help of Heritage City we are going to make sure that the rest of our history is told not just want they want the world to know. We were Kings & Queens and Barack Obama being elected President is just the beginning of what are getting ready to do.